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Celebrating NAMES on The First Days of School


During the first days of school, we want to be sure that each student feels seen and valued. Names are one of the most critical parts of our identity. In a world where individuality and identity are increasingly celebrated, understanding and appreciating the significance of one’s name is paramount. Names carry history, culture, and personal meaning, making them an integral part of our identity. We created a resource called My Name is a Big Deal that comes into play—a unique educational resource designed to help students explore and celebrate the importance of their names!

Why Names Matter

Names are more than just labels; they are rich with meaning and history. For many, a name can signify heritage, honor loved ones, or reflect cultural traditions. Helping children understand the value of their names fosters a sense of pride and identity. It also promotes cultural awareness and sensitivity, as students learn about the diverse backgrounds and stories behind their classmates’ names.

What is “My Name is a Big Deal“?

My Name is a Big Deal is a comprehensive activity set aimed at elementary students, though its engaging and insightful content can be adapted for various age groups. This resource is perfect for teachers looking to integrate social studies and language arts while focusing on a theme that is both personal and universally relatable.

What’s Included?

  1. Interactive Name Exploration: The activities guide students through a journey of discovering the meaning, origin, and significance of their names. This interactive exploration encourages self-reflection and a deeper connection to their personal identity.
  2. Cultural Appreciation: As students share their findings, they gain insights into different cultures and traditions, promoting an inclusive classroom environment. This cultural appreciation is crucial in today’s diverse educational settings.
  3. Creative Expression: The activities include various creative tasks such as name art, storytelling, and name-based poetry. These creative outlets allow students to express their identities in unique and meaningful ways.
  4. Engaging and Fun: The resource is designed to be engaging and fun, making the learning process enjoyable for students. Activities are crafted to keep students interested and motivated throughout their name exploration journey.

Recommended Books About Names

To complement the My Name is a Big Deal activities, here are some fantastic books that delve into the themes of names and identity:

  • The Name Jar by Yangsook Choi: This heartwarming story follows a young Korean girl named Unhei who struggles with her unique name in her new American school. Through her journey, she learns to embrace her identity and the significance of her name.
  • We also have an amazing resource for this book that you should check out here!
  • Your Name is a Song by Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow: This beautifully illustrated book tells the story of a young girl who learns the musicality and beauty of her name after a frustrating day at school. It’s a celebration of unique names and cultural identity.
  • My Name is Yoon by Helen Recorvits: Yoon, a Korean girl who has recently moved to America, feels out of place and uncomfortable with her new surroundings. This touching story explores her journey of self-discovery and acceptance as she learns to love her name and heritage.

How to Use My Name is a Big Deal in Your Classroom

  • Introduction Activity: Start with an introductory session where students share what they already know about their names. This can include anecdotes from family members, cultural significance, or personal stories.
  • Research Project: Assign a research project where students delve deeper into their names’ meanings and origins. Encourage them to use various resources such as family interviews, online databases, and library books.
  • Creative Assignments: Incorporate creative assignments like designing a name poster, writing a poem or short story based on their name, or creating a family tree that highlights the significance of names in their family history.
  • Presentation: Have students present their findings to the class. This not only builds their presentation skills but also fosters a sense of community as students learn about each other’s backgrounds and cultures.

Why Choose My Name is a Big Deal?

Incorporating My Name is a Big Deal into your classroom activities offers numerous educational benefits. It helps students develop a strong sense of self, enhances cultural awareness, and integrates seamlessly with core academic standards. Most importantly, it celebrates the uniqueness of every student, making each child feel valued and recognized.



In today’s diverse and multicultural world, understanding and appreciating the significance of names is more important than ever. By incorporating these activities into your curriculum, you are not only teaching academic skills but also fostering a classroom environment where every student feels important and respected.

Discover the magic of names and bring My Name is a Big Deal into your classroom today. Celebrate individuality, promote cultural awareness, and make learning an engaging and meaningful experience for your students.


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