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Sub Plans -NO PREP Owen

30 Pages

Grade Level(s): K, 1

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If you’re like me, you HATE being out! Between having young children of my own who kept getting daycare sickness and being out for professional/leadership meetings…I’m out way more than I’d like to be. I wanted my students to have meaningful instruction and have fun when I was out! I hope these help you if you have to be out as well!
Here is how it can work:
Write your own plans with your classroom-specific notes, but instead of typing in the activity, simply add “see math lesson” or “see word work lesson” and I have the directions and activities all ready to go! I lay them out on my desk so that it is SUPER obvious for the sub to find each lesson.
I’ve provided a page that shows completed activities that will serve as an example (in case the sub is confused about anything) and also an answer key.
Included: (All themed with book)
  • Math Activities- patterns, inequalities, problem solving
  • Word Work-rhyming and syllables
  • Writing: Creative writing prompts (3)
  • Reading: Story Elements, Retelling cards
  • Vocabulary: Anchor chart images
If you’d like to select your own math skills/numbers to better suite your class, now you can!
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