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Writing Prompts Using the Writing Process {Huge Freebie Inside!}

*This post explains a resource that I created- and you can get a month-long sample! Keep reading!

One thing about me? I will ALWAYS preach that the writing process can be beneficial for ALL the students, ALL the time. That’s right, folks. The writing process is not just used to write books. As a kindergarten teacher with a never-ending to-do list, I found myself needing some grab-and-go writing prompts for those times when we were in between units or when I just needed some sort of quick writing practice. However, I wanted to be sure that my students were still using the writing process, even when using a printable prompt! So, I came up with my own monthly writing prompts.

Grab your Year Long Writing Prompt Bundle here!

Year-Round Writing Made Easy

I put together monthly writing prompts with a wide variety of topics and themes. Each prompt includes an image for students to see the entire writing process for easy reference. It also includes a writing topic, picture vocabulary, a place to illustrate, and, of course, a place to write. I have differentiated prompts with more room to draw and bigger writing lines or less room to draw and more space to write, depending on the needs of your class. If you can’t find a prompt that fits exactly what you’re working on, no problem! I have also included completely blank templates for you to create your own!

Prompts are available by individual months, too!

Write, Write, Write!

In my classroom, we start out by learning our Writing Process routine and chant, which you can check out here. Once we have that down, I fill out a prompt whole group and show my students how to use the writing process even in smaller writing chunks. I gradually release students throughout the year to complete these prompts independently. Just because we are using a print-and-go page doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be producing high-quality writing and illustrations! Those Magic Line drawings (more info and resources on that here) can still fit in the prompts, too! By using these printable writing prompts, students will see they don’t have to abandon the entire writing process we have been working on outside of writing workshop times.

For more resources, tips, and tricks, be sure to check out my World of Writing!


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